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Terry is known to me for over 20 years now. She had shown interest in working with horses all this time. Now having completed certification in equine massage therapy and
with her having worked several years in the field, I am pleased to give her this reference.

Last summer I had the pleasure of having her in a clinic I gave as a participant. She demonstrated excellent knowledge in the field, an aptitude for asking excellent questions and in several occasions having the knowledge to answer even more fully that I did questions of other participants.

Horses like her touch and she demonstrates knowledge of handling them with confidence and knowledge, (as well as when to back off in event of need).

I would recommend her to any of you wanting massage and release for your horses.

Sincerely Doris Kay Halstead

As a Licensed Physical Therapist for 35 years, a Nationally and State Certified Massage Therapist for 18 years, and an international instructor for Equine BodyWorkers for 10 years, I have been exposed to the wide array of practitioners claiming to provide care for horses. With my background I feel qualified to rate a practitioner on many levels, including professionalism, cleanliness, technique, and ethics.

In reference to Terry Crisafulli, I had the unique opportunity of both teaching her in two classes and then observing her practice for several days. Terry rates high in every category I have described. Her background as a Licensed Veterinarian Technician adds a huge dimension to her abilities. She demonstrates professionalism in her marketing and phone manners, in her evaluation of the animal not only at the first visit but at subsequent visits, and in her decisions regarding type of techniques to use on an animal at each visit. Her hands on soft tissue techniques are varied and each is practiced with skill. She is receptive to input from the owner regarding techniques to be used, areas requiring additional attention and/or when to use more/less pressure. She conducts her business in an ethical/legal manner.

With all of these factors considered, I would highly recommend Terry Crisafulli as an excellent equine practitioner.

Ruth Mitchell-Golladay, PT, CMT, NCTMB
Equine Therapeutic Center, Inc.
108 Riverwood Lane Moneta, Virginia 24121
Phone: (540) 721-4545