Testimonials from Happy Customers

Doris Kay Halstead

Terry is known to me for over 20 years now. She had shown interest in working with horses all this time. Now having completed certification in equine massage therapy and
with her having worked several years in the field, I am pleased to give her this reference.

Last summer I had the pleasure of having her in a clinic I gave as a participant. She demonstrated excellent knowledge in the field, an aptitude for asking excellent questions and in several occasions having the knowledge to answer even more fully that I did questions of other participants.

Horses like her touch and she demonstrates knowledge of handling them with confidence and knowledge, (as well as when to back off in event of need).

I would recommend her to any of you wanting massage and release for your horses.

Ruth Mitchell-Golladay, PT, CMT, NCTMB
Equine Therapeutic Center, Inc.

As a Licensed Physical Therapist for 35 years, a Nationally and State Certified Massage Therapist for 18 years, and an international instructor for Equine BodyWorkers for 10 years, I have been exposed to the wide array of practitioners claiming to provide care for horses. With my background I feel qualified to rate a practitioner on many levels, including professionalism, cleanliness, technique, and ethics.

In reference to Terry Crisafulli, I had the unique opportunity of both teaching her in two classes and then observing her practice for several days. Terry rates high in every category I have described. Her background as a Licensed Veterinarian Technician adds a huge dimension to her abilities. She demonstrates professionalism in her marketing and phone manners, in her evaluation of the animal not only at the first visit but at subsequent visits, and in her decisions regarding type of techniques to use on an animal at each visit. Her hands on soft tissue techniques are varied and each is practiced with skill. She is receptive to input from the owner regarding techniques to be used, areas requiring additional attention and/or when to use more/less pressure. She conducts her business in an ethical/legal manner.

With all of these factors considered, I would highly recommend Terry Crisafulli as an excellent equine practitioner.

Ruth Mitchell-Golladay, PT, CMT, NCTMB
Equine Therapeutic Center, Inc.108 Riverwood Lane Moneta, Virginia 24121
Phone: (540) 721-4545
E-mail: AnimalMFR@gmail.com

Penelope Youngs

“Very, very thankful for Terry Crisafulli ~ amazing appointments for Bud and Mac! They are both difficult in their own way.. Mac is always ‘on’ and alert, rarely relaxed.. Bud is always a little cool and aloof (with everybody except grandpa ?).
Terry has a gift for listening to the horse, finding out what ails them, and providing comfort in a way that they can best receive it. To make it even more valuable, she teaches the person how to listen, and feel, and help to heal.”

Amy Thompson

“My horse loves Terry’s massages. She is in heaven while being massaged and moves so much better afterwards..”

Roxanne from Coudersport

“Massage therapy is the best thing you can do for your horse physically. They perform so much better.”

Roxanne Jenner from PA
“My standardbred has a stifle injury that cannot be inexpensively repaired. He has poor circulation and muscle atrophy in his hindquarters due to this injury. Terry has treated him with massage several times to improve blood flow and make him feel more comfortable. I am able to see the results immediately. His mobility improves along with his energy levels. Typically for several days after the treatment he’ll demonstrate that he feels better by running around and kicking out his heels (like a horse should that feels good). Where his injury cannot be repaired with this treatment, it can certainly address some of the affects that can help his body function as it normaly should..”

Christine McQuaid
Silhouette Stables

I have known Terry for over two decades. Our love for horses has lead us down similar paths in the equine industry, but now I specialize in training and she specializes in equine sports injury rehabilitation and prevention. Terry flew out to my ranch in California to work on four of my horses and five of my clients’ horses over a five-day period. My two-year old stallion was so crippled up my vet said you may have to turn him out as a pasture companion horse. I was devastated. Terry conferred with my vet about his lameness. My vet gave her the okay to do body work on him such as massage and myofascia release. After the first session there was a definite improvement, but by the fourth session his lameness was all but a memory. I was very impressed and elated. My vet was impressed and relieved as well when I gave her the update. The work Terry did on my other three horses resulted in better performances from them. All of my clients were satisfied and have requested Terry return at least twice a year to do followups with their horses.

Christine McQuaid
Silhouette Stables
Thousand Oaks, California

Rachel Jermann

I have been riding a paint named Stitch for almost three years now. He has had hip problems for a very long time–he first popped the hip out when he was three and he is now seven. Over the 2007 summer, he became very lame and stiff. Stitch went to see the chiropractor, but was still very lame and had a hard time walking undersaddle. We had that nagging fear that he would never be right again. We called Terry in, and with her massages (which he thoroughly enjoyed) we began to see improvement after only a couple sessions. With Terry’s work Stitch has made a full recovery and is back to his running and bucking self. We were able to show at the Cattaraugus County Fair in the senior clas and he was as sound as could be. Terry has helped to strengthen Stitch’s muscles to keep the hip in place, reducing the risk of another hip displacement. Thank you Terry!!”

Rachel Jermann
Okay Korral
Allegany NY