Clinics & Calendar

The hands-on bodywork clinics I offer are tailored to horse owners, riders, trainers, caretakers. I show techniques that can be used daily separately or integrated with grooming. They will help keep your horse maintained in between professional bodywork sessions.

I will also offer information on courses if anyone is interested in pursuing Equine Bodywork as a profession.

These are one day from 10am – 4pm with an hour lunch break. I can take up to 10 participants max, 6 minimum. Depending on size of class and number of horses available, there will be 2 participants per horse or 1 participant per horses. I require at least 2-3 extra horses in case we must switch out a horse during the day.

Participants can bring their own horse if it is quiet and barn allows, can be in an area with other horses safely and will tolerate other participants to work on it. Please, no mares in foal, stallions or sick horses. If you are planning any vaccinations or worming, please do it at least 5 days prior to clinic or 1-2 days after.

The clinic takes place in an arena where all the horses are in one area, spaced safely from each other and can be tied if needed. Otherwise, we will need a holder. Auditors will have seats along a wall.

Packets of information are included for the participants. They will be available at a cost for auditors. Auditors are welcome.

I will go through the packets, then go through each technique, demo it on a horse, then let the participants work that technique. I will go to each horse and make sure all participants are executing each technique correctly until everyone feels comfortable with it and the horses are all responding.

Auditors get all the information but don’t execute the techniques

Please contact me for pricing.

Thank You